Speakers’ Bureau

Members of the Upper Keys League of Women Voters are available to make presentations to your organization on state and local issues.  Below is a list of our current presentations, and more are being developed all the time! Please contact UKLWV President Cathy Bosworth at catherinebosworth49 at gmail.com, or Vice President Brenda Carr at brenda.carr at outlook.com for more information.

Balance of Powers: 3 Branches of Government

Florida Voting Rights Restoration Constitutional Amendment

Florida Charter Schools: What Is and What Ought To Be

The Electoral College and the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Fracking in Florida

Gun Safety in Florida: Laws, Issues, and Challenges

Healthcare in America

Plastic Bags Florida—A Different Story

Saving Futures: Juvenile Civil Citations

Your Voice, Your Power, Your Vote!