Success Stories

The Upper Keys LWV is proud of its past successes!


CD Sue Pascal big smiles

School Board & League Member Sue Woltanski awards Pascal Weisberger first place for his essay on the Constitution.  Photo Donna Dietrich.

Constitution Day

We celebrated Constitution Day on September 16, 2019 at the Murray Nelson Government Center, announcing the winners of our Constitution Essay Contest and featuring a speaker on Election Security.   We plan on making Constitution Day an annual event.  Next year we’ll focus on the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2020!




Party at the Polls

To encourage early voting and celebrate our right to vote, we threw a Party at the Polls in November 2018 at the Murray Nelson Government Center, the location for early voting in the Upper Keys.  We even had a junior election for our UKLWV mascot, who will be featured in our 2020 election materials!

Member Elena Muratori assists a young voter casting her ballot for the mascot.  Photo Ginette Hughes.


LWV members Brenda Carr and Ginette Hughes walked the parade route reminding people to register to vote!

Fourth of July Parade and Voter Registration

In 2018, we participated in our community Fourth of July Parade and Picnic, walking the parade route reminding people to register to vote and hosting a registration booth at the picnic.  Brand new citizen Carolina Hernandez (featured on our home page) registered to vote that day!

We also made a community presentation about the numerous amendments presented to Florida voters in our November election.


Solar Energy Co Op

In 2017, we sponsored a solar energy co-op. Over 100 homeowners in the Upper Keys signed up.  Cutler Bay Solar Solutions was selected as our provider.  Nearly 30 of the people who signed up added solar to their homes!